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The journal covers all the areas of animal science and veterinary science that includes Animal behavior, Animal conservation, Veterinary education, Wild animal disease, Veterinary epidemiology, Veterinary internal medicine, Veterinary health, Veterinary behaviour, Physiology, Emergency medicine and critical care, Nutrition, Immunology and immunopathology, Feed science, Microbiology, Reproduction, Virology, Breeding, Parasitology, Genetics, Toxicology, Meat science, Therapeutics, Animal welfare, Anesthesia and analgesia, Ethics and law, Imaging surgery, Endocrinology and metabolism, Small animal medicine, Veterinary nursing, Companion animal medicine, Aquaculture, Zoo animal medicine, Livestock management and production, Avian medicine, Poultry science, Pharmacology and vaccinology, Equine science, Comparative psychology and comparative medicine, Bovine science, Ophthalmology, Small ruminants, Dentistry, Camelids, Cardiology, Fisheries science and fish nutrition, Oncology, Zoo animal management, Dermatology, Zoo animal clinical studies, Nephrology and urology.